DWG Register Features

Full list of features of the drawing register software

Search, Sort and Find - You can search for drawings by any keyword in the number, title or author fields. You can sort the search results by most of the fields in the table.

Add, Edit and Delete - If you have the relevant access level you can add, edit and delete drawings as necessary.

General Drawing Activity - You can view general details of the drawing by clicking on the number or title, which shows a list of previous version of the drawing, change request activity and transmittal activity.

Archive & Update Drawings - Any approved drawing in the register can be archived and updated when a new version of the drawing is created. This stores the previous version for historical reference.

PDF Watermark - Drawings viewed and downloaded from the DWG Register in PDF format will have information relating to the checked and approved status of the drawing added into the PDF.

Change Requests - Add change requests to keep track of the approval and completion of changes affecting one or more drawings. Requests are distributed and approved via email. You can link change requests with changes in drawing revisions.

Transmittals - Distribute drawings via email or hard copy using the built in transmittal system.

Transmittal Attachments - Attach other important information to the transmittal such as a purchase order, which will be permanently linked to the transmittal.

Administration - Manage user details and access levels from the admin area. The administrator can also set other users up with administration access to handle these tasks.

Audit Log - View and search the audit log to see user activity.

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